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Trump is a symptom of a larger problem. One would have hoped that outright racism and economic folly and international trade suicide and unilateral treaty withdrawals would have drawn outrage amongst most republicans, but they are all, individually, so frightened of being a.) the target of Trump's wrath on Twitter and b.) the primary system that they are all going along quietly.

As to whether he can get re-elected, everybody I know who was a Trump supporter last time around is an even more enthusiastic Trump supporter now. No amount of information seems to sway them. And the electoral college turns out to be completely useless in practice.

(Note to UK when you are writing down your constitution: you can leave off the electoral college idea.)

The larger problem is that our system allows Trump to get elected. Now imagine a younger, more intelligent, educated, persuasive person--an actual stable genius--with the same sort of underlying personality.

by asdf on Thu Aug 29th, 2019 at 12:28:58 AM EST
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