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Much as I disapprove of monarchal systems, I think the Queen is probably blameless in this instance. She is bound by "convention" and is the servant of the PM, however much conventional wisdom would have it otherwise.

That said, if there is to be a second referendum on Brexit, they may as well include a referendum on abolishing the Lords while they are at it. A truly useless institution. At least the Royal family sell papers and bring in some tourism.

As for the constitution, don't get me started. Something seems to be unconstitutional until it isn't. Convention being set by precedent simply means you have to set new precedents to break old conventions. Boris seems to be able to do more or less as he wants, despite never having been elected by parliament in the first place.

And has there ever been a more spineless set of parliamentarians? There own self-preservation and a dislike of Corbyn seems to be the only things that can motivate them. They make the Weimar Republic look good.

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