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Which puts Corbyn in the pivotal position. He can threaten the Tory and Independent dissidents that he will support a Boris general election call - thereby guaranteeing many will lose their seats - unless they provide him with a viable alternative, which is basically to support his nominee for PM in a "government of national unity".

I doubt the current dissident strategy of going the legislative route (basically to avoid a general election) is going to be effective, either through lack of parliamentary time,or because Boris will simply ignore whatever law they pass.

By mid-October, when it becomes clear the EU council has rebuffed all attempts at re-negotiation, again, the only alternative to a no-deal crash out will be a VONC and an alternative PM.

By then, the dissidents will also have lost all leverage on Corbyn. He can insist he becomes the caretaker PM, and they will have to decide which they hate most - no deal Brexit, or Corbyn as temp PM.

That should concentrate minds wonderfully.

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