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Frank: the people of N. Ireland, [...] who voted by a large majority against Brexit in the referendum.

Actually, even though the overall result was 56% Remain, 44% Leave, it looks like like Protestants largely voted Leave and Catholics Remain:

How Northern Ireland voted in the EU referendum - and what it means for border talks

Examining data from the 2016 Northern Ireland Assembly election study, conducted close to the time of the referendum, it emerges that there was a very strong ethnonational basis to voting. It seems 85% of Catholics voted Remain, compared to only 40% of Protestants.

The per-constituency results also show this: for instance, 62% Leave in Iain Paisley's constituency but 74% Remain in West Belfast, a Sinn Féin stronghold.

by Bernard on Tue Aug 6th, 2019 at 06:49:24 PM EST
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No one denies this, but isn't it great that for once protestants and Catholics didn't vote on entirely sectarian lines? The divergences between the communities are hardly surprising given Sinn Fein (half heartedly) campaigned for Remain and the DUP for Leave.

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