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Seems to me, naive American viewpoint, that the Irish question boils down to whether NI is worth supporting. It is a tiny part of the UK economy, it is politically reactionary, it is inhabited by extremists who refuse to cooperate or compromise on anything, the arguments are based on old grievances and obscure religious claim, etc. Just a pain in the neck every way you look at it.

If it were not for May and her election problems that led to needing DUP support, by far the easiest thing would be to toss NI overboard and let it merge with the rest of Ireland. If the DUP can't provide enough parliamentary votes to BoJo for him to maintain a Conservative majority, their power evaporates--and with it any English concern about NI.

by asdf on Sat Aug 10th, 2019 at 05:47:34 PM EST
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