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Little can be done to stop Johnson crashing UK out of EU
Remarkably, we are now in a situation where, in the name of respecting democracy, the UK is headed for a no-deal exit from the EU that is opposed by a majority of voters and a majority of MPs.

Furthermore, the law that governs the removal of a government and calling of an election means that only the narrowest path to avoiding a no-deal remains open.

The House of Commons is now in recess and will not sit again until September 3rd. Imagine that Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour leader, immediately puts down a motion of no confidence which is debated the next day (September 4th) and is passed with the support of moderate Tory MPs. Under the Fixed Term Parliament Act, this triggers a period of 14 days during which the government must try to win a second confidence vote. If by midnight on September 18th, Boris Johnson has not won a new confidence vote, then an early election is triggered.

However, the legal rules around timing an early general election give the prime minister sufficient scope to delay the vote until after Brexit takes place on October 31st.

In order for dissolution to occur, the queen must be advised by the prime minister to issue a crown proclamation dissolving parliament. This would not occur before September 19th and the proclamation would not take effect until the next day (September 20th).

Under the Fixed Term Parliament Act, an election cannot take place earlier than 25 working days after the dissolution of Parliament. That brings us up to Friday October 25th. UK general elections generally take place on a Thursday meaning the first Thursday available is Brexit day itself, October 31st.

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