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they can try, but I seriously doubt they have the manpower to do anything effectively anymore. Not enough police, the civil service in ruins and even the army is 10s of 1000s short on manpower.

Frankly, all thoughts of an authoritarian coup seem to require a belief in the organisational competence of the Tories and the civil service which has been seriously absent in the last few years. Any party which has used chris Grayling for anything more complicated than as a doorstop is not a threat. They can make the attempt but it's all very wicked witch of the west, the harder they try, the more stupid they look.
Boris Johnston is not Emperor Palpatine and Domnnic Cummings is not Darth Vader, however much they pretend.

keep to the Fen Causeway

by Helen (lareinagal at yahoo dot co dot uk) on Tue Aug 13th, 2019 at 09:19:42 PM EST
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