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There is also the larger point, which is that we are talking about political actors making political decisions as part of a political process. True, the law may place restrictions on their powers in office; on what they can legitimately do and not do; but even here there are issues of timeliness, enforceability, and effective sanction.

If Johnson manages to run down the clock to Nov. 1st by fair means or foul, the effect of his actions will be essentially irreversible, and any subsequent consequences for him personally largely moot... A subsequent general election victory would largely erase all previous sins. Ask Trump. Ask the Russians. Ask Cambridge Analytica.

The political issue is that the finding of the Scottish Court is extremely damaging to Boris in Scotland in particular, and this damage will be amplified throughout the UK if it is reinforced by the Supreme Court. Misleading the Queen should be a capital offence politically, even if it no longer results in imprisonment in the Tower and a grisly execution.

The suggestion by government ministers that the Government may ignore or seek to neutralise the law (on seeking a further A.50 extension) is further damaging to the rule of law in all matters in the UK. It is characteristic of a decent into fascism.

Alienating many if not most Scots, royalists, law and order advocates and supporters of the principles of liberal democracy is generally not a good political strategy, particularly for a Conservative Leader who can often count on these constituencies as loyal supporters - especially when the alternative is Jeremy Corbyn.

It will not be lost on many observers that Corby, by contrast, has been acting as a model constitutional citizen. Fanatical Brexit supporters will, of course not care. But the often apathetic middle ground is shifting, and not in a good way from Boris' perspective.

The ultimate crime, in politics, is to lose when you had a relatively good hand to play. Boris is losing tricks he could have won; wasting Trump cards on tricks he could have won anyway; and alienating players who could have been his partners.

The (political) guillotine awaits...

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