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DW talks to Nicola Sturgeon
DW: It doesn't look like the Supreme Court will rule against the suspension of parliament. Do you really think that whole process will settle what is essentially political?
authorities of all elected members of parliament to vote "a deal," or legislate "a way forward" for ["]the government["] to execute.
STURGEON: Well, there has to be some limits on the ability of ["]a government["] and in this case a minority government to close down parliament in order to avoid scrutiny. So I hope, and I respect the independence of the judiciary, but I hope the Supreme Court will find that the prorogation of parliament was unlawful as Scottish court reached that conclusion last week, and then we can see parliament recalled and much needed scrutiny applied to Boris Johnson's whole approach to BREXIT. His approach, I think, is to see the UK "crash out" without "a deal" but be able to blame the European Union for that.
"dead lock" in parliament
Instead we need to avoid "a no deal" BREXIT and request an extension to Article 50 if necessary and then see a general election and a further referendum to try to get the UK ["]a way out["] of this.
Parliament's Article 50 revocation? Parliament's approval of the Withdrawal Agreement? No.
DW: How likely is it that the UK will ["]crash out["] of the EU without ["]a deal["]? And would it mean ["]the end["] for the United Kingdom?
STURGEON: I think it is a significant risk that the UK will "crash out" without "a deal" and that will have a severe impact on many people in Scotland and elsewhere in the UK, and I do think that will make it even more likely that Scotland chooses to become an independent country. I don't want to see that damage be done to Scotland or the rest of the UK, so we will continue to try to avoid a "no deal" BREXIT, but it's very difficult to see how "a deal" is struck that both satisfies the European Union and also gets a majority in the House of Commons. A "no deal" BREXIT cannot be ruled out, although we should seek a further extension. That is the only way to avoid it.
'Twas a pity parliament had no confidence in attaining "a majority" by general election before deciding to request another A.50(3) extension to Jan 2020, because expiration date.

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