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I think at this point some work around can be found. Parliament has already passed an act requiring the PM to send a specific form letter to the EU requesting an extension of the Brexit deadline. The UK Supreme Court has ruled that Parliament is supreme in these matters over the PM when Parliament has a majority opposed to the PM.

So Parliament could, on a point of order, again seize control of the agenda and pass another bill requiring the letter to be sent at an earlier date certain, the earliest feasible, within three days of royal assent to the bill. In view of Boris Johnson's stated refusal to comply with the existing legislation and his proven history of lying, this would be a reasonable precaution. Failing forthcoming action by Johnson Parliament could find him in contempt. At that point several options appear.

Parliament could vote to arrest Johnson and his cabinet, at least Dominic Cummings and Jacob Rees Moog - and confine them in the Tower of London if need be. This would follow in the English constitutional tradition of Parliament making law in exigent circumstances.

Parliament could vote no confidence in the PM, but not in the government, again claiming exigent circumstances. They could follow this with a vote of confidence in an interim PM, to serve until new elections could be held.

PM Boris Johnson has, in effect, claimed the prerogatives of a monarch, so it is back to the days of Charles I and the first Long Parliament. Monarchs used to claim the right to find the law. That right was seized by Parliament in the 1640s. The recently formed Supreme Court of the UK has ruled unanimously in favor of Parliament in this instance. Act with alacrity and there will be time for them to rule again if necessary.

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