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Here would be a pertinent place to demonstrate how the UK system of appointing judges is far superior to that in the US;

GIVEN judgment for application of Miller v Advocate General for Scotland names Sir John Major KG CH, PM and Tory leader 1990-1997, an intervener; his testimony provided the SCOTUK conventional reasoning to derogate the duration of HRM BoJo's prorogation in 2019;

59. The  unchallenged  evidence  of  Sir  John  Major is clear. The  work on the Queen's Speech varies according to the size of the programme. But a typical time is four to six days. Departments bid for the Bills they would like to have in the next session. Government business managers meet to select the Bills to be included, usually after discussion with the Prime Minister, and Cabinet is asked to endorse the decisions. Drafting the speech itself does not take much time once the substance is clear. Sir John's evidence is that he has never known a Government to need as much as fiveweeks to put together its legislative agenda.
and he like Helen Mountfield QC has been providing con law "advice" to political parties.

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.
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