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According to Conway he's losing it ... more erratic than ever. The Boris trick of bluster and blatter.

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Donald Trump's remarks just now were extraordinary.

Trump, currently under investigation for urging Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden, again encouraged Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden. On live tv.

Not only that, the president then urged China to investigate Biden.

Some context:

As if Xi wants to do Der Trumpf some favours in the trade stand-off and the imprisonment of a Huawei executive in Canada.

After 70 years of economic progress, is China on the right road to achieve Xi Jinping's 'Chinese dream'? | SCMP |

George Conway, husband of Trump's adviser Kellyanne Conway and a persistent thorn in the president's side, has resumed his criticism of the president in an article for the Atlantic.

Conway, an attorney, has been asking questions about Trump's mental state throughout Trump's presidency.

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