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"Biden bragged openly about denying aid unless a criminal investigation of his son was called off"
It is the veracity of this statement that is at question. You provided a link to video over an hour long as substantiation. I am not watching the whole of that video just to find out what is there. If you want to provide a minute at which the relevant portion starts I will look at that. I have to hear Biden in his own words, not some characterization of them.

I have seen video of Biden bragging openly about getting the Ukrainian government to fire Sholkin, but not a quote from Biden that links Biden's bragging to providing relief to his son, such as 'I got that prosecutor going after my son fired!' I am not unwilling to believe such an allegation per se. Biden is hardly my favorite candidate in the current primary. So, if it were true, it would be two birds with one stone.

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