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COP-15, 2009
"... Then I had a series of meetings and I told them all, 'Look, I know China is polluting. But who is going to pay for the historical pollution you perpetrated before China polluted? Where is the history commission to analyze English industrialization?"
Impact of environmental tax on green development: A nonlinear dynamical system analysis
Abstract (2019): An empirical study of the green development dynamical system in China demonstrates the particular evolution paths of economic growth, pollution intensity, and resource intensity under different environmental tax parameters. Results indicate a robust beneficial role of environmental tax on green development. Furthermore, when an environmental tax is imposed, a firm government control, an active consumer awareness, an advanced technology level can stimulate economic growth, decrease pollution intensity, and control the resource intensity. But the government control has a stronger effect. ...
"Then we let Obama in, Obama said, 'I'm gonna sit down beside my friend Lula so I won't be attacked here.' So he sat by my side and started to talk about the agreement, and we said there is no agreement. And then there was this Chinese, a negotiator, he was so angry at Obama, he was standing up, speaking in Mandarin, nobody understood anything, we asked for a translation, Jiabao did not allow it, but the impression, by his gesticulation, was that the Chinese was hurling all sorts of names at Obama, he talked aggressively, pointing his finger, and Obama said, 'He is angry.' ...

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G7 leaders to rethink capitalism as risk of recession looms

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

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