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Actually, the technical Framework does exist for deficit spending on a federal level. It's the European Investment Bank. It already issues "green bonds" which are outside the Maastricht national borrowing limits.

The scale of debt financing required for a genuine GND is several orders of magnitude greater than what the EIB currently deals in. Let's say 5% of EU GDP annually, for the sake of argument.

The political obstacle is that the EIB's governors are named by the member states.

Changes in policy are normally made using consensus but a double majority vote, based on the size of shares held, could also be an option if there is a clear split of opinion. Germany, France, Italy and the UK are the bank's biggest donors.

Basically, an honest-to-god GND (and not the debased parody being trumpeted by Timmermans and Vestager) would be politically possible if there were a German government which was capable of closing its coal mines. So what would that take? Would a new governing coalition with the Grünen replacing the SPD enable that?

It might, if that government were to be led by Merkel at the height of her powers...

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by eurogreen on Wed Sep 11th, 2019 at 08:58:44 AM EST
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