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Good. I offered the index and pertinent citations of legislation at issue in press reporting.

What I quoted are from the DW article posted in the prompt above --which you've also read-- except for the Hansard transcript lede, which I linked in my comment. horshit signifies my informed observation: Reportage alleging "rule of law," procedural or criminal conduct, does not demonstrably rely on relevant code as enacted by HoC. Much of current and past reportage contradicts specific code as enacted by HoC, a most conspicuous example being, legal prohibition of barriers established by UK gov at NI border with IE.

Another being the FORM LETTER, "and other purposes," prescribed by the European Union (Withdrawal) (No. 6) Bill (HC Bill 433) which contravenes as written, prima facie, EU stipulated merits of a successful petition by UK gov of A.50 extension pursuant to "exit day". UK yella sheet amateur and expert opinion, however, proceeds to "criminalize" any amendment to that instrument before any has been proffered by either Minister of the Crown or HoC "debate" stenographers. Such events have not occurred.

Consider before proceeding a recent, scarcely earnest disclaimer or correction of "myths", published by the Guardian.

Of course, I preempt suspicion, rumor, and "plain bullshit."  I have reason to distrust journalism purporting to report facts--especially in this "high tech" period--that are self-referential. There really is no good excuse to omit a hyperlink to public source material, namely the bill or law disputed.

Although I have been informed that I have "no right to be read," I nonetheless encourage everyone to familiarize themselves--republican or democrat--with the construction and language of of legislative acts (law) in the jurisdiction where they domicile. I, reading for you, would defeat the purpose of you practicing how not to be led by the nose of UNCERTAINTY of TRUTH, TRADITION, and JUSTICE prportedly thought by a populus, ironically, to distinguish "rule of law" from primitive civilizations.

yella sheet (US-Eng., idiom) a pejorative specification for a daily publication given to "yellow journalism"; publicizing sensational, likely defamatory, and gruesome narratives of events which may or may not be true, eg. the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, *Telegraph(s), possibly related to yella dog Democratic Party members

[MASTHEAD] blotter (US-Eng., colloquial) a daily newspaper given to publicizing records of local police activities.

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

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