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Glen Yeadon (2008?) and John Hawkins (2003?), The Nazi Hydra In America, How America's Right Wing Politicians Are Plunging The Country Into A Fascist Police State (HTML), pdf, 545 pp.
The author if forced to define fascism in a single sentence or phrase would label fascism as a totalitarian government with extreme nationalism tendencies in which the government is controlled and operated for the benefit of a few elite. [p 13]
where any joint-stock company, except the first 13 US colonies and Federalist Papers, represents "a few elite". intellectually problematic propaganda ensues, proliferates with Smedley and Altman over next decade net. cf. LIVING ON NEOLOGISM

Kalecki: "The fascist system starts from the overcoming of unemployment [?!], develops into an armament economy of scarcity, and ends inevitably in war." I read that some years ago, before I gave up monitoring Monthly Review. Editorial is strong on *-marxist theory, very weak on practice--empirical research, or fed reporting period on finance or GNP in any year, any "race or ethnicity," any sex--which is understandable but not instructive. "Full employment" measurement is NAIRU.

to Oui's point: US national security interests ("fascist" enterprise) eclipse US American "rightwing conservative ideology" (organizational hygiene). Wernher von Braun in Operation Paperclip is a notorious beneficiary of unscrupulous fed gov "Diversity in Employment" policies.

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