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You are "corporate America." So what distinguishes Bush, and what criticism obscured Hawkins and Yeardon's celebrity? Perhaps POLLING OPINION?

I don't doubt OPIUM-partical sources of Roosevelt family wealth. Nor NAZI-particular sources of Bush family wealth and monumental perfidy. However, a 550 pp struggle to re-animate a tale your parents should have shared with you is not unlike mold growth. Others crawled out of the woodwork with this and other "scandal" during campaign 2000. Their family like so many other of Europe's and America's filthy politicians obtained and control money--be that legal tender or "morality"--by unscrupulous and certainly ethical means: NOT news to me. Their forebears seized those means by choice just as other of their peers traded chattel slaves, seized real estate by war with natives, and speculated with such currency and credit with impunity.

An Economic Interpretation of the Constitution of the United States, unabridged

What, friend, is this disease? Is it contagious?

Instances of Use of United States Armed Forces Abroad, 1789-2012, Congressional Research Service (CRS), Washington DC, United States (Sep 2012) 33 pp, single-spaced

et cetera.

I skimmed the first fifty (intro, Ch.1, plus a few KEY WORD searches) seeking a thesis statement, an unusual observation--a "hook" as the children now say--to propel me into the story of CORPORATE THEFT. (I'm always ready to learn something I don't know.) The citations (chapter endnotes, bibliographic) are not meticulous, and they all, at a glance, are secondary sources--none providing geopolitical context for personal detail. I call this the Cokie Roberts Method of Hagiography, because, well, the singular style of her "authoritative" prose most impressed me. Always read the footnotes, if one can find them, I should add. Concealment has been a trivial exercise for generations of US historians; In my experience, a startling number of these amateur and expert author-"creators" have amassed ideal biographies sui generis, in isolation from "foreign" events, "foreign" cultures, "foreign" political strife.

Is this not our wheelhouse in the age of NAZI Reincarnations by Republican Party Hacks?

Fair enough: lots of people can't afford time to locate and "analyze" primary sources, digitized, memorialized philosophies and seminal constitutional code of The Founders, by the LOC
as well as case law and, gosh darn it, the trash buried by the US Congress. Bush BFFs, Obama BFFs, Eisenhower BFFs. But you can afford it. So make it make sense of self-servin' politics which you might have been led to believe is not idolatry.

by Cat on Tue Jan 14th, 2020 at 05:25:24 PM EST
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