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As Oui noted specifics are important. 'The Nazi Hydra' is practically one long list of specifics, few of which are taught in standard US high school or college courses and rarely mentioned in the public media. If we continually assume an air of disdainful superiority we are unlikely to learn anything new.

The USA did not become a fully fascist state in the '30s more by accident than any other factor. Fascist ideology had wide support among our corporate elites and, as The Business Plot shows, some were prepared to act.

WW II did have the effect of normalizing a military Keynesian state and economy which reached its apogee during the Cold War. Wars and revolutions have dynamics of their own. Craine Brinton analyzed the dynamics of revolutions in 'The Anatomy of Revolution'. He surveyed three major revolutions: the English, French and Russian. Others have since applied his analysis to the Iranian and other revolutions. Much of it applies.

The USA has been an oligarchy since before its founding, flirting with fascism since the '70s, but has not quite fully embraced a fascist dictatorship - yet. Our governance, such as it is, is more like unto a cabal of competing factions, one faction gaining control for a while and using the state for its benefit, only to be replaced by an opposing faction for a while. In my youth most still saw this dynamic as a sign of 'PROGRESS'. Progress towards what? Within a year we will know whether Trump has tipped the country over into a full fledged fascism or if we remain on the knife's edge.  

"It is not necessary to have hope in order to persevere."

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flirting with 'fascism' since the '70s

since the morning Europeans stepped into the North American wilderness, dragging their peculiar 'institutional knowledge'.

Colonial Charters, Grants and Related Documents

With which part of  "Instances of Use of United States Armed Forces Abroad" do you disagree? The part before 2012? Or the part after 2012? Or the proposition, fascismo is alien, foreign, to US American "fascist principles" (fascio, fascismo) opposed by christ Jackson?


archived amirite
The Dictator and the Decider
The Class Struggle in the Ancient Greek World by G. E. M. de Ste. Croix

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Yeah, I read what I post in its entirety.
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"NATOME" growth

Army May Send Missile-Defense Systems to Middle East to Counter Future Iran Strikes, 15 Jan

Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy said Wednesday that the Pentagon is considering deploying additional enabling capabilities to the region to counter any future strikes from Iranian forces.
"They are a very capable enemy; they have capabilities that can strike and hit Americans, so we are looking at additional capabilities that we could send to the region," he told defense reporters Wednesday at a Defense Writers Group breakfast. "It could be a variety of enablers like missile defense, so we are looking at that." ... Army Special Operations Command also deployed a company-sized element of the 75th Ranger Regiment with other special operations forces [2 Jan].
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