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Join us in war on Iran or else ...

UK-US trade deal under threat unless Iran stance changes, says Trump ally | The Guardian |

Boris Johnson risks jeopardising a free-trade deal with the US unless he pulls the UK out of the Iran nuclear deal, a leading Republican voice on Iran has said.

The warning by Richard Goldberg, until last week a member of the White House national security council (NSC), highlights the dilemmas UK foreign and defence policymakers will face as Britain tries to steer its own course between Washington and Brussels after Brexit.

Goldberg told the BBC: "The question for prime minister Johnson is: `As you are moving towards Brexit, as your supporters of Brexit really do not like the nuclear deal, want you to get out of the nuclear deal ... what are you going to do post-31 January as you come to Washington to negotiate a free-trade agreement with the United States?'"

Goldberg, who was in charge of countering Iranian weapons of mass destruction at the NSC, said: "It's absolutely in his interests and the people of Great Britain's interests to join with President Trump, with the United States, to realign your foreign policy away from Brussels, and to join the maximum pressure campaign to keep all of us safe."

'Regime instability' in Iran is aim of leading Israel advocate's memo to White House | Mondoweiss - Sept. 27, 2017 |

After meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu today in New York, Donald Trump told the press, "You'll see very soon" what he will do with the Iran deal. Meantime, neoconservatives are lobbying the president to decertify Iran's compliance with the deal, and launch a new era of sanctions against Iran.

A leader of this effort is a young operative from the heart of the Israel lobby, Richard Goldberg, who has worked with Stand With Us  and the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, and is now pushing "regime instability" in an influential confidential document. [This is part of a long-standing Israeli strategy to fragment and destabilize countries in the region.]

A report at Foreign Policy by Jana Winter and Dan De Luce, which of course says little to nothing about the Israel lobby, says that opponents of the Iran nuclear deal in Congress and the Trump administration are relying on a Goldberg memo that calls on the president "to threaten an unprecedented economic embargo designed to rattle the regime."

The memo demands access to Iranian "military sites"- something that has nothing to do with nukes, and something Iran would never agree to.

Netanyahu hails Trump's 'courageous' UN speech blasting Iran | Times of Israel - Sept. 19, 2017 |

Who is the new member of the U.S. National Security Council? | Mher News - Jan. 9, 2019 |

Richard Goldberg | Militarist Monitor |

After Goldberg joined FDD in 2017, he quickly established himself as an outspoken advocate of military action against Iran. In February 2018, for instance, he urged the Trump administration to attack Iranian targets after Israel shot down an Iranian drone that had entered Israeli airspace. Although he had less of a spotlight than some of his more publicly vocal colleagues at FDD, he worked effectively behind the scenes to scuttle the Iran nuclear deal and promote a hostile policy toward the Islamic Republic. According to one writer, Goldberg urged Trump to wage war on Iran in Syria and to sanction U.S. allies complying with the Iran nuclear deal. He also worked behind the scenes to sabotage Trump administration officials who didn't want the president to kill the Iran deal.

After the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi at the Saudi embassy in Turkey in late 2018, Goldberg defended the Trump administration's understated response to the incident. He tweeted that Trump's reaction was necessary because Saudi Arabia "is a critical part of Iran strategy: using its market leverage for sanctions compliance AND oil production to offset lost Iranian crude."

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A Chamberlain moment as the European powers bow to a tyrant in Washington DC. The Iraq War started by Bush/Blair at the behest of Ariel Sharon and Israel. Marching towards war with Iran, another barrier has been taken. Rightwing politicians in the US are in lockstep with the Israel lobby and PM Netanyahu.

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