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The decision to assassinate Qassem Soleimani was taken in June 2019 - John Bolton's doctrine ...

Trump's Pride Shot Out of the Air by Iran

Trump's Iran tweet could have caused a deadly miscalculation | Vox - June 2019 |

    Tensions skyrocketed after President Donald Trump withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal last year and reimposed tough sanctions on the country. The situation has only grown worse since early May when the US warned Iran might attack Americans in the Middle East. In response, Iran downed a valuable US military drone and has been blamed for attacks on six oil tankers.

    Those actions have led many to worry that a full-blown US-Iran war could be on the way. At a time like this, it's paramount that the leaders of the two countries be extremely clear in their statements so that there is no possibility of misunderstanding.

    Which is what makes Trump's June 20th tweet so damn troubling.

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