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AFAIK more people voted for parties supporting remain/second referendum than voted for parties support Brexit, so it is the antiquated FPTP single seat constituency system which "manipulated" the result.

Also I have no difficulty in admitting the Brexit side were better financed, organised and led. They had a clear and simple message, much better populist leaders, and split the vote less. Labour and the Lib Dems simply had to work together on a common platform or all was lost, and so it transpired. Once Farage stood aside for Boris it was all over bar the shouting.

The wonder is that with such poor leadership on the Corbyn/Swinson front, that the Conservatives did not win by more.

But no one is disputing the electoral result now. At issue are different views of the consequences. Boris promises the "sunny uplands" of a revitalised UK. My belief, and the belief of most Remainers is that the long term consequences will be negative. We shall see who is proved right, and it doesn't matter whether you style yourself as working or middle class..

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