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I can't speak for anyone else here, but I am well aware that my political views are one amongst a range of legitimate/rational/defensible options.

Also Brexit didn't shatter any illusions on my part - it confirmed my worst fears - I have been expecting a hard Brexit since day one, followed, in all probability by a trade war and a lot of other hostility between England and the EU, getting worse over a long period of time, and perhaps never getting any better.

If there are still historians around in 100 years time, they may be looking at the period of the UK's membership of the EU as a high point in its history, much to be preferred to the devastation wrought by wars, societal breakdown and climate change. YMMV. Good luck to you. I used to work in the UK and still have many friends there. I have absolutely no reason to wish you and them any harm, but look forward to the day you can no longer blame us in the EU for all your ills.

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