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Loyalists on Brexit: `A one-way route to an economic united Ireland'A `neglected and pushed' loyalist community feels `totally betrayed' by Boris Johnson
Loyalists oppose a trade border in the Irish Sea, the compromise agreed by British prime minister Boris Johnson and the EU in October that paves the way for the UK's orderly departure from the EU on Friday.

Loyalists see the new border in symbolic terms as eroding their political identity as unionists and British subjects of the crown.

They see the new customs and regulatory frontier on the Irish Sea not as London, Dublin and Brussels see it - a compromise to avoid a hard Irish land Border that could have sparked republican anger and potentially violence - but as a step to Irish economic unity.

For this they blame Johnson, who vowed at the DUP conference in 2018 not to create any economic barriers in the Irish Sea. Their anger is not helped by the confused messages from Johnson and UK officials about the checks required on goods moving between the North and Britain after Brexit.

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