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Frank: The loss of 73 mostly far right and often disruptive UK MEPs

Actually, no. OK, I'll grant you that Farage, by himself, is loud and obnoxious enough for a dozen MEPs and we'll all agree that no longer seeing him prancing around the streets of Brussels definitely counts as A Good Thing.

But the sad fact is: Brexit means fewer Green MEPs (11 came from the UK) and with the Labour & LibDems MEPs leaving, the Socialist and Renew Europe groups will lose members as well. Because the Tories didn't want to join the EPP, it is actually the group gaining the most seats post Brexit. As for the "Euroskeptic" Identity and Democracy (ID) group which includes France's Front National and Italy's Lega, they are now surpassing the Green group, becoming the fourth largest group in the EP.

Less Socialists, more EPP and the Greens now surpassed by the fascists. Hardly an occasion to rejoice.

Brexit means rightward shift for the European Parliament

The Greens and liberal Renew Europe groups are set to lose out the most from the reshuffle, which will take the legislature from 751 to 705 seats, while the center-right European People's Party and Euroskeptic Identity and Democracy group will emerge as the biggest winners.

Geographically, the British exit will boost the influence of Southern European delegations in the chamber. Spain for example is set to gain five seats and its delegation will surpass the Romanians within Renew Europe. Italy picks up three, while France gains five.

by Bernard on Sat Feb 1st, 2020 at 08:20:02 PM EST

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