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Non-stop warfare of assassinations, sabotage, terror attacks and Stuxnet cyberwarfare.

Iran-Israel proxy conflict
America's history of covert action in Iran: is Tehran right to be paranoid?

Excellent documentary today about Hezbollah on Deutsche Welle TV ...

Lebanon - A country held hostage | DW |

In Lebanon, no important political decisions are taken any more without Hezbollah, the Shiite "party of God". Since the end of the civil war in 1990, multi-ethnic and multi-religious Lebanon has been exposed to growing political divisions.  

Every battle, every conflict or war strengthens the Shia fighting force across the region from Teheran, Baghdad, Damascus to Beirut. A new cycle of hostilities will not deliver a winner, only losers.

From my diaries ...

GCC States Condemn Obama's Iran Ouvertures (2013)
Jundallah claimed responsibility for the bombing of a Shiite mosque in Zahedan
After 35 Years, Iran Liquidates MKO Terrorist near Amsterdam

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