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War Crimes In Vietnam: Bombardments, Agent Orange and Napalm ... Kissinger Notes and the Paris Peace Talks of 1968.

Kim Phuc, napalm victim and peace activist, wins Dresden prize | DW - Jan. 4, 2020 |

It was an image seen around the world: People running to flee a sea of flames, a village reduced to rubble and ash. At the center of the image, a naked girl, her clothes burned off, screaming in agony.

Photographer Nick Ut, who captured the image that would become an icon of the Vietnam War, brought the injured children in the photo to a hospital in Saigon, now Ho Chi Minh City. The girl, Kim Phuc, survived but with serious burns that required multiple operations. She was later sought out and used as state propaganda by the the Communist regime in Vietnam.

In 1992, on a flight from Cuba to Russia, Kim Phuc and her husband exited the plane while stopping over in Canada and requested political asylum. In 1997 she became a Canadian citizen and founded the Kim Foundation International, which offers medical and psychological assistance to children traumatized by war.

Destruction during the Vietnam War and the use of Agent Orange - a war crime

    About three million people, including 150,000 children, suffered from defects caused by Agent Orange.
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