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Empires cannot and will not hold the enforcers of their rule liable for the action(s) needed to enforce their rule.

Unless there's a damn good reason!  See: Scapegoats of the Empire by Edward Witton.

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When asked if he had dealt with the Boer prisoners according to international law, Morant replied, "No. We got them and we shot them under the rule of the .303 rifle." He added: "Take us out and crucify us at once. This is what comes of being an empire builder."

Morant was sentenced to be shot, and he died with a defiant smile on his lips. As he stood before the firing squad in Pretoria, South Africa, on the morning of February 25, 1902, he refused the offer of a bandage for his eyes and said, "Shoot straight! Don't make a mess of it."

[Source:  Breaker Morant - Wikipedia ]

Bennet Burleigh

    He was a Scottish-born pirate, Confederate spy and journalist. Later in life, he changed his surname to Burleigh and became a celebrated war correspondent for the London Daily Telegraph. Covered the Boer War at the time of Morant and the Bushveldt Carbineers.

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