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Mental Disorder BINGO Square No.2, No.6, No.9, No.10

euractiv | First POTENTIAL Suleimani REVENGE ATTACK hits US cyberspace, emanations

Over the weekend, hackers defaced the website of the US Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP), with what Sara Sendek, a spokesperson for DHS' Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency said is "pro-Iranian, anti-US messaging."

The image and text, which has since been taken down, featured a doctored image of President Donald Trump bleeding from the mouth, whilst being hit in the face by an individual clad in Islamic Revolutionary Guard attire.
However, the DHS' Sendek was reluctant to preemptively  attribute the weekend's hack to the Iranian authorities, saying that so far, "there is no confirmation [sic] this was the action of Iranian state-sponsored actors."

Anne Morelli, The Basic Principles of War Propaganda
Edward Bernays, Propaganda, 79 pp
Walter Lippmann, Public Opinion, 266 pp


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America Escalates Its "Democratic" Oil War in the Near East
The mainstream media are carefully sidestepping the method behind America's seeming madness in assassinating Islamic Revolutionary Guard general Qassim Suleimani to start the New Year. The logic behind the assassination was a long-standing application of U.S. global policy, not just a personality quirk of Donald Trump's impulsive action. His assassination of Iranian military leader Suleimani was indeed a unilateral act of war in violation of international law, but it was a logical step in a long-standing U.S. strategy. It was explicitly authorized by the Senate in the funding bill for the Pentagon that it passed last year. ...
preposterous. egregious. unprecedented. inconceivable.

Wow! All of our priorities have made it into the final NDAA: ..., 11 Dec 2019

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