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hmm, yes, well, I see your meaning: BEATIFICATION of HEROIC figures in times of WAR is not only a historical Roman Catholic pastime since the REFORMATION of popery. 02.12.1771 changed everything.
At a Time, when the Barriers against Popery, erected by our Ancestors, are suffered to be destroyed, to the hazard even of the Protestant Religion: When the system of the civil Law which has for so many Ages and Centuries, been withstood by the People of England, is permitted to become fashionable: When so many Innovations are introduced, to the Injury of our Constitution of civil Government: it is not surprizing that the great Securities of the People, should be invaded, and their fundamental Rights, drawn into Question. While the People of all the other great Kingdoms in Europe, have been insidiously deprived of their Liberties, it is not unnatural to expect that such as are interested to introduce Arbitrary Government should see with Envy, Detestation and Malice, the People of the British Empire, by their Sagacity and Valour defending theirs, to the present Times....
The "Founders" DIED so we could live.
by Cat on Sun Jan 5th, 2020 at 08:04:38 PM EST
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