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Sanchez now needs continued ERC abstemtion, at a minimum, to progess any substantial legislation -- or his budget. I think this creates an ideal situation to actually make some progress on the Catalan issues.

Mostly because both sides now have a powerful incentive to advance within a constitutional framework. The previous crisis arose because the Rajoy governments refused all discussion, provoking the Catalans into illegality.

The question of the MEPs will settle itself eventually. If they are freed by EU courts, it will be a powerful teaching moment. For the other prisoners, it's more complicated. Interfering with the judiciary is more than Sanchez's job is worth, likewise any amnesty. Even if there is no election in immediate prospect, feelings run very high within the electorate (see the rise of the extreme right).

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by eurogreen on Wed Jan 8th, 2020 at 11:59:51 AM EST

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