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With respect, frank, "Bullshit!" Democrats playing footsie with the Wall Street banks and corporations is why we have Trump. Obama running on universal health care then giving us a Republican think tank plan is why Trump was elected. Add in a dash of endless wars with the Ghoul-in-Cheif killing people remotely from the White House like it was a video game and Hillary, the stuck up snob from Park Ridge sneering at blue collar workers and you get Trump.  Now I'm supposed to cut my own throat by voting for the the author of The Catfood Commission? I'm retired, Frank. I need my COLA's. No chained-CPI for me.
I'm not going to starve in my old age so that (D)'s can get bigger Wall Street bribes.

My choice was not Biden or Hawkins. My choice was Trump or Hawkins and if Trump had a ghost of a chance in Illinois, I would hold my gorge and vote for Trump. As the lesser evil. Biden wants me homeless.

Of the nine primary candidates there were at least five I could have voted for. And maybe seven. The two I was enthusiastic about were Sanders (fooled me twice now, never again) and Gabbard. The two I would definitely never vote for even as dog-catcher were Biden and Harris.

by StillInTheWilderness on Thu Oct 22nd, 2020 at 12:32:14 AM EST
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