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Re Maine:
Susan Collins got the vote in Maine repeatedly because this overwhelmingly independent, libertarian minded blue-ish State bought her "I work reasonably across the aisle" Merkel-Style. Two things broke her in the polls: Trumps tax cuts and the Kavanaugh vote. Both her "reasonaby centrist" blue supporters and white women turned on her because of these two decisions. I doubt she will get reelected.

As for Maine's congress votes: Since the last election 2018 Maine no longer has FPTP but ranked choice voting for congress seats, which allows the tendentially independent-minded non-Republican voters to give their independent candidate the vote first, and pick a democrat second -- which led to the election of Jared Golden (D) in the traditionally red northern congressional district. Given that new system, Reps have to learn the hard lesson that confrontational politics don't work: you need to attract secondary votes too, which means you can't throw around insults and need to make sense. Divisionary tactics fail. The Democrats had this down right away, and partially campaigned together on one stage with independents in some settings, where both could say on stage "vote for me first, and the other here second". It worked.
Other states might follow... multi party politics in the US... who'd ever thunk it...

by Averett on Tue Oct 20th, 2020 at 10:11:14 PM EST

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