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That's the reality of a bipolar two party system. Your choice is never better than the least worst option. But I wouldn't expect the Dems to offer a very leftist agenda when they are competing against the right, not the left. Why give oxygen/credibility to what Trump is branding, even now, as a far left antifa agenda?

It's what they actually do, when in office, that matters, and on that basis, in most policy areas, I think Obama was better than Trump - and especially better than what I expect Trump would do if he wins a second term. My main concern would be that the Dems will re-empower the neo-cons in their ranks, although probably none are as bad as John Bolton. I have a problem with "holier than thou" moralists of all stripes, and on that scale some US leftists are up there with the evangelical Christians.

It's why, I think, they have so little influence anywhere. The US needs structural reform - taking the money and corporations out of politics, eliminating gerrymandering, rebalancing the Supreme Court, eliminating civilian guns and the the electoral college, giving senate seats to DC and Puerto Rico etc. But it is almost impossible to change much of that without constitutional amendments which will be impossible to enact against the opposition of vested interests. So barring a second revolution, my expectations are v. low, and I will settle for Biden over Trump.

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