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Pandemic and Leading Big Pharma ... after the Opioid Scandal OxyContin

Corona will stay as a virus requiring an annual vaccination campaign similar to the influenza shot. Never mind that SARS CoV-2 has devastating long-term impact on the health of individuals.

Working for the NHS in seven hospitals in the City of London ...

"Don't be so convulsive and get the corona vaccine on the market now"

Lower safety requirements and bring the corona vaccine to market early now that the world is on fire. The Dutch doctor and professor Marcel Levi, boss of seven hospitals in London, makes this striking appeal in an interview with this site. "Yes, you take a small risk with that. But you do that because the alternative is much worse."

Marcel will be appointed by Mark in The Netherlands as head in the scientific group to advice PM Rutte to lead the onslaught ... not on the deadly SARS Covid-2, but the people. Let her rip and the pharmaceuticals do the rest.

Marcel Levi to step down as chief executive

PM Rutte advocating "herd immunity" as leader in March of this year, parroting his Conservative friends Boris and Donald.

 From Outbreak to a Global Pandemic

Developers and researchers are looking to places like Brazil, where the new coronavirus is still spreading fast, to test potential vaccines.
[Brazil's government announced a deal with Oxford University and pharmaceutical company AstraZenecato]

'They needed people': Brazil volunteers step up to test COVID-19 vaccine | Reuters - July 14, 2020 |

Yes, Mark the "no policy, no vision, no scruples" politician will lead his party in the 2021 election and become the longest sitting PM ever beating out Ruud Lubbers.

It's the economy, stupid!"

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