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Indeed, this is not new. From two months ago:

Here's Why Trump Has Lost So Much Support in the Active Duty Military - Admiral Stavridis (Ret.)

President Trump has essentially reversed his favorable/unfavorable numbers over his four years in office, declining by almost 10% points in favorability, and increasing unfavorable views by 13%. All this before The Atlantic's reports of Trump calling military dead in a cemetery in Europe "suckers and losers." Conceivably his numbers are even worse now.

All of this tracks with my own personal observations and conversations with many active duty military members over the last few years. While the officer cadre tends to be even more unfavorable toward the President than some of the junior enlisted force, what is remarkable is the level of the reversal from 2016. The President is now finding himself underwater essentially across all ranks of the force.

by Bernard on Sun Nov 1st, 2020 at 01:33:30 PM EST
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