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Isn't boycotting within the accepted means of debate?

Of course, it is on both sides a call to tribalism and conflict to get the population to rally behind the leader.

After all, if there was a will to ban certain cartoons all that needs to be done is hire young artists to paint enough variations of the theme, create a foundation that buys the paintings, place the paintings in a vault, hire lawyers to defend against copyright intrusions and make that intention clear. Images of Muhammed - or whatever icon would be selected by such a foundation - could then join the hallowed ranks of Mickey Mouse and Tintin that may not be defamed without consequence. Even corporsations beware, for copyright intrusions are after all the only crime where the EU has joined together to impose punitive damages.

by fjallstrom on Mon Oct 26th, 2020 at 02:40:30 PM EST
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