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I don't think the corporate right includes industry at all - with a few notable exceptions, like James Dyson and that louse who runs Wetherspoons.

In the UK, the real corporate right is the ultra-privileged rent-seeking public school right. In the UK that's a cabal around Crispin Odey, Rees-Mogg, and the Atlanticists - see below - directed by Matthew Elliot and the minions who ply their trade in Tufton Street.

In the US it's the hedge funds like Blackrock and speculators like Goldman Sachs, supported by Murdoch, Koch, Mercer, and a few other kooks like Bannon. (GS are along for the ride as opportunists rather than out of any deep ideological conviction - see also Greek sovereign debt - but their pervasive influence at this level makes them very powerful allies.)

British industry - including some parts of the City - used to believe it had some common ground with these people, but after Brexit it's starting to realise it's as disposable as any temporary worker.

This version of the right seems to be trying to create a new aristocracy using disaster capitalism as a pretext for the dismantling of democracy and the subversion of all public expectation of competent and effective government.

This has always been the fundamental goal of Brexit. Destroying all possible opposition from the Left and replacing it with cultivated working class xenophobia is a step towards outright dictatorship - without democratic or judicial oversight.

The EU has no cause to feel secure about any of this. The model succeeded in Russia, replacing a crumbling state with a mafia-like network of oligarchs and clients. It did huge damage to Greece, and it's now working in the UK. It has been attempted in the US with partial success. But even if Trump goes, it's not obvious Biden is going to turn the tide. And even if he attempts to, there's always 2024. And 2028. And 2032.

I would guess the plan is to roll out a similar model in as many countries as possible - promoting far-right nationalism as a pretext to destroy all forms of liberal redistributive government, and thus to "reform" the EU itself country by country.

If this seems unlikely and excessively paranoid, the plan is laid out explicitly in three books written by William Rees-Mogg, the father of the oily Jacob, and Murdoch's pet editor at The Times - The Sovereign Individual, Blood in the Streets, and The Great Reckoning.

Of course the plan is ridiculous and self-destructive, because this kind of fascism is invariably a cult of attention-seeking adolescent tantrums and self-harm. Even when it works, winners rarely realise how precarious their "success" is and how easily they can become losers - until it's too late.

Unfortunately the UK has discovered it has few democratic defences against this kind of deliberate bad faith attack, and it's not obvious that other "stable" democracies are necessarily more robust.

by ThatBritGuy (thatbritguy (at) googlemail.com) on Sun Oct 11th, 2020 at 11:38:20 PM EST
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