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The model succeeded in Russia, replacing a crumbling state with a mafia-like network of oligarchs and clients.

That has now been rolled back for the most part. The most blatant oligarchs have either been criminally processed or left the country (see: anti-Putin emigrees in London). Arrest of governor Furgal signifies that federation is restoring the rule of law now even in the remotest regions of Russia.

Life expectancy is now higher than it was in Soviet times (it dropped by 8 years for males during Yeltsin's reign), GDP PPP per capita has doubled in two decades, people's trust in judicial system is now at 80% (people win their cases against government and business) resulting in twenty-fold increase in cases.

Russians even trust their democracy as much as the next European country. 60% approve Putin's actions, 51% approve Mishustin's actions. More people (by a small margin) believe the country is going to the right direction than don't.

Young Russians don't admire politicians in general, and few can name an alternative to the current leadership. While they admire businessmen much more, they don't admire oligarchs, but self-made men who did not leach their fortune from the government or oil.

Russia isn't anymore the dystopia the Chicago-boys turned it into in the 90's. It's also starting look like Greece will be able to survive Schäuble's iron boot and eventually restore itself as a functional state.

by pelgus on Mon Oct 12th, 2020 at 08:48:45 AM EST
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