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Kamala Harris failed completely already in the primaries, where she flip-flopped on every issue and came trough as a complete fraud and with a track record of hating the poor that even republicans would be shamed of.

She even lost her own state, California. So when she was picked as a veep candidate, she didn't actually bring anything to Biden's campaign. No new policies (she has none) and no new supporters (she has none).

Only thing she has going for her is ticking proper idpol boxes and thus being good at fundraising from the wealthy liberals. Her task in the "debate" was to convince the DNC donors that "nothing will change" - rich will still get richer during Har...Biden administration.

Kamala did bring up the totally bogus Russia bounty issue, so we know one thing will change: the administration's commitment to go to war.

by pelgus on Thu Oct 8th, 2020 at 04:35:36 PM EST
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