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Well, the highest administrative court in my part of Germany has ruled that we can't force people to quarantine after they come back from their island-hopping vacation in Spain. Reasoning: since the incidence is lower on those islands, the returnee would face a higher risk coming back here, hence it's not an 'suitable means' to combat the disease. Legally, whatever... but practically it's completely stupid. What the fuck does the court know about 'suitable means' for fighting disease? The decree is about preventing new introductions of infections. Unless the incidence over there is zero I can't guarantee that viruses won't be introduced and make things worse here when that tourist comes back. Doesn't matter what my incidence rate is. So can we reintroduce mandatory quarantine if the outside incidence is 0.1 higher? Only if it's higher? What a load of bollocks.

If the legal principle is to just allow proportionate measures as a reaction then we will always be behind the curve in combating the disease. Those kinds of rulings against tougher preventative measures ensure that we will run into lockdowns again and again. But when the fire is burning brightly enough those are ok!? How about we prevent lockdowns to begin with? Those idiots are gonna kill us all. The state government should just put the decree into a law with the condition of non-zero incidence (which would be everywhere).

Schengen is toast!

by epochepoque on Fri Nov 20th, 2020 at 08:31:48 PM EST

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