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Spilled blood made a bond of "brothers"

A DAY OF TERROR, THE ISRAELIS; Spilled Blood Is Seen As Bond That Draws 2 Nations Closer | NY Times - Sept. 12, 2001 |
by James Bennet

Fear Inc. - Introduction of Islamophobia

Center for American Progress: Fear Inc.

Signs of Fascism in a Post-Democratic State

Socialism to Zionism

From left to right -- Israel's repositioning in the world

The Crisis of the Zionist Left

My diary from 2014 ...

Sweeping 'Patriot' Laws Passed As Jordan Fears Uprising and ISIS

Rabbi: Exterminate All Muslims | Progress Pond - Oct. 2014 | by Steve D

With our eyes wide open, a stealth revolution remaking society for the 21st century - rightwing populism and propaganda are here to stay.

by Oui on Sat Nov 28th, 2020 at 01:37:01 PM EST
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