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For the record, my House forecast of +15 is made up of one Dem loss (MN-07) and 16 gains -
Open seats (9)
NC-02     R     100%     Safe D
NC-06     R     100     Safe D
TX-23     R     74     Lean D
NY-02     R     57     Toss-up
IN-05     R     50     Toss-up
VA-05     R     49     Toss-up
TX-24     R     48     Toss-up
MI-03     L     44     Toss-up
GA-07     R     43     Toss-up

And beating 7 Republican incumbants
CA-25     Mike Garcia     45%     Toss-up
NJ-02     Jeff Van Drew     50     Toss-up
PA-10     Scott Perry     52     Toss-up
AZ-06     David Schweikert     57     Toss-up
OH-01     Steve Chabot     58     Toss-up
MN-01     Jim Hagedorn     60     Lean R
NE-02     Don Bacon     60     Lean R

Data courtesy of 538. Basically I am predicting that Dems sweep the board of winnable seats while losing only one.

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