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Yeah, there was apparently some glitch at the Arizona Secretary of State's website?  Apparently it's only 86%.

From what I understand, Biden is still a heavy favorite given what's outstanding, but it's not in the bag yet.

The Wisconsin SOS says they're done counting, and Biden's up 22k votes, so he's probably got that.

I think he'll get Michigan, because it seems to be all mail votes and tilted heavily towards Metro Detroit.

So that'd be 270.

I've no earthly idea where we land in Georgia and Pennsylvania.  The PA margin closed quite a bit as some votes came in from the Philly region -- and again, I think it's basically just mail voting left now, so it should continue closing.

In Georgia, Trump's up about 2% (102k votes), but it sounds like we still have quite a bit left from ATL and the suburbs (especially southern suburbs which are more heavily Dem).  But, like PA, no idea how that shakes out.  The data folks at the NYT think Biden's about a 2/1 favorite there.

Be nice to America. Or we'll bring democracy to your country.

by Drew J Jones (pedobear@pennstatefootball.com) on Wed Nov 4th, 2020 at 05:04:42 PM EST
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