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what's wrong with the US

The two party system makes it easy to shut out any real alternatives and the combination of that and imperial power and the money slushing into the system creates politics for the oligarchs.

what's wrong with the Democratic party

I would say a party establishment that uses primaries not to find strong candidates but instead to shut out internal opponents and install trusted operatives who may be bad at winning elections but can be counted on to tow a neo-liberal, pro-empire, nothing-will-change party line. Vote us! Republicans are worse!

And since this strategy failed in 2016 they have used a racist conspiracy theory to create an echo-chamber, mirroring that of the Fox-news-addicted republicans where any day now the Whitewater documents long form birth certificate next bombshell will appear and get rid of the illegitimate president, who is after all a Dirty hippie Kenyan muslim Russian puppet and not the True presidentTM

Combined with the need to please the donors, the echo-chamber led to a strategy where going after republicans looked like a very sensible strategy. But 93% of republicans voted Trump according to the exit polls, up from 90% in 2016.  So if Biden wins, the strategy was still flawed.

by fjallstrom on Thu Nov 5th, 2020 at 03:22:10 PM EST
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