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Politico is another Right Wing BS site and I hate to give them the clicks but even they have noticed this isn't 2016.

Trump's suburban crash drags House GOP down with him

In only four years, a crescent of Atlanta's northern suburbs has swung from a safe, iconic Republican House seat to a near-lock for Democrats -- a startling shift illustrating how far President Donald Trump and his party have fallen in the suburbs before the 2020 election.

Democrats poured money into a nationally watched special election for Georgia's 6th Congressional District in 2017 and lost by 4 points a seat Republicans won handily for decades. Then, Democrat Lucy McBath eked out a win a year later. Now, as private polling showed McBath with a double-digit lead -- and Joe Biden up by a similar margin -- Republicans quietly chose not to spend money trying to win it back in the closing weeks of the election.

Every indication says this will be repeated across the country.  

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by ATinNM on Tue Nov 3rd, 2020 at 06:04:24 PM EST

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