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Look around ... does the country seem MAGA? Think again after nearly ten million citizens stricken by Covid-19, Wall Street at highs as is the number of unemployed ... a future quite bleak with a record high deficit and Federal debt. Trump managed to create the swamp in your hometown ... send to most impopular president ever packing his bags with the message: "YOU'RE FIRED!!".  

Trump left the country Bushwhacked and fully isolated from International partners and allies. A State Department in ruins.

Trump Is The Most Unpopular President Since Ford To Run For Reelection

Who believes history doesn't repeat itself?

[...] is judged as a great failure in making a satisfying and just peace. He is viewed to have been a rigid, dictatorial racist who was unable to compromise or to accept a political reality at odds with his own ideas. Instead of forging a compromise between Radical Republicans and moderates, his actions united the opposition against him.

Andrew Johnson | Miller Center|

by Oui on Tue Nov 3rd, 2020 at 09:51:50 AM EST

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