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This is despite increasingly desperate attempts by the Republican party to suppress the vote - culminating in yesterdays court proceedings to invalidate 129,000 votes  in Texas because they were cast at temporary drive in centres housed in tents, rather than in a building "structure". President Trump has also said he will send in the lawyers to stop the counting this evening if he is ahead at that stage - as if there is some constitutional requirement to count only as many votes as can be counted  within a few hours of polls closing.

As I've mentioned before, Trump is increasingly desperate and so are his minions. As everyone has seen, they are not restrained by any semblance of legality, the law being whatever Trump says it is.

There are several states that Trump needs for "a path to 270 votes", like Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, not to mention Ohio, Florida and of course Texas and Georgia. For any of these states announcing a Biden win, I would expect Trump to immediately cry "massive fraud", send in his lawyers, the Border Patrol, whatever police or military that would take his orders, and dog-whistle his most violent supporters into storming the state's election authorities to re-establish the "true vote". Trump's calls for violence have turned into foghorn blasts these past days.

Trump strives in chaos; and if chaos is the only available path to him, there's little doubt this is where he will go.

The only real question is how the different states, especially those that are GOP held, will react with the Trump administration and GOP's attempts to tweak the results. I'm aware that the US elections are in fact 50 different elections in 50 different states, 51 with DC.

Plus: to which extent can the SCOTUS interfere with the states election processes? There are now 3 Trump appointees whom Trump considers they must do his bidding regardless, because "they owe him" - Trump's way of thinking is no secret by now.

At this point, anything could happen; it's gonna be a bumpy ride.

by Bernard on Tue Nov 3rd, 2020 at 10:35:24 AM EST


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