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Ignore the headline. 'No good options' for the military if Trump refuses to concede
The headline expresses the editorial prejudices of Mark Steiner who interviews Maj. Danny Sjursen (ret'd.) Sjursen was a regular columnist--like C. Hedges--with Truth Out until last autumn, when it collapsed under the combined weight of Propornot and its psycho managing director. Steiner lost the "fascist" plot around '68 and the muddle of US liberation victories, from 1645 to Operation Iraqi Freedom; he supposes (based on US-propgandized coups in "3rd World," non-aligned states, not Iraq or Afghanistan) DoD rebellion is an agent of the "restoration" of democracy in the US.

By "no good options," however, Sjursen assures him that neither apparatus nor political unity necessary to effect such enforcement power exists in US armed forces--or command structure. DoD is a microcosm of the civilian universe of unpredictable secular ("originalist") and religious ("patriot") interpretations of US Constitutional ahh authorities. Sjursen's analogy for improbability of anarchy disposed by regular or irregular "militia"--Iraq:US, Maliki*:Trump--flies right over Steiner's head.

Not to mention the el-Sisi double caper "for the people", featuring Mubarek and Morsi.

*conveniently discounting al-Sadr in the equation

by Cat on Fri Nov 6th, 2020 at 03:43:19 PM EST
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