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Trump Is Fundraising For Legal Help Fighting A `Stolen' Election. Nearly All The Money Is Actually Going Elsewhere. - TPM
In reality, there is no election defense fund; the donations are siphoned into a mix of various committees. Up until Tuesday, some of the money was being used to pay down the Trump campaign's debt. As of Tuesday morning though, the formula was changed to funnel most of the money into Trump's new leadership PAC called Save America.
"Not a penny is dedicated to a legal expense account unless donors have maxed out their contributions to the first two committees, $5,000 to the leadership PAC and $35,500 to the RNC," said Paul Ryan, vice president of policy and litigation at Common Cause.

Far from arming Trump in his fight against the election results, in most cases, most of the money will end up in the new leadership PAC. (Trump's baseless claims of election theft are widely acknowledged to be the complaints of a sore loser which, while harmful to democracy, are completely lacking in validity.)

Calling leadership PACs "notorious" for being abused as slush funds, Ryan predicted that Trump will keep the coffers full by teasing a possible 2024 run, all the while finding ways to funnel money back to his businesses and family members.

"This is a way that he can fleece his supporters to support his own lifestyle for the next few years regardless of whether he even runs in 2024," Ryan said.

by Bernard on Wed Nov 11th, 2020 at 11:31:57 AM EST

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